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I am most thankful for Phyllis who saved my life, after both my grandparents died. I felt lost and unneeded, for they had depended on me for many years as their caregiver. I though to be needed in life was the answer. It wasn't. To be appropriately needed is only one part of living life. Phyllis guides me in the direction of living life through her Encouragement. I received the "Gem of Encouragement That Begins to Glow Within My Soul" through the journey of my Personality Profile. Phyllis has and does continue to counsel and coach me.

I am able to understand who I was and better understand through the Personality Profile the truth of who I am today. It is a blessing to love myself appropriately. The gentle, consistent guidance of Phyllis' Encouragement helps me, to live out of my strengths instead of my weaknesses is an ongoing process of the Personality Profile. To "uncover and discover the true treasure of ME" gives me "Winds of Courage" through the breeze of her glowing, knowing, "Golden Encouragement."

This lifts me to a place where I want to live and appreciate life with all its circumstances and challenges. Through Phyllis' Encouragement why don't you learn to live life through the discover of the "True View of You." The personality Profile enlivens and enriches you to love thyself as I am presently doing.

Lorene B.

Phyllis, thank you so much for all of your help and support over the past year. You have been invaluable in providing a much needed resource at a time of such need and confusion during this time in my life. I have kept a file folder in my file cabinet entitled "Comfort" which contains the handouts from the support group you held at Encouragement Factor. Just knowing it's there makes me feel better! At a time when I needed support you filled a much needed void which is lacking from the divorce arena. You have brought kindness, understanding and acceptance into my life. Both you and Lorene have life experiences,, respect and compassion which you bring to all those lives you touch.

I hope for you continued success in the Encouragement Factor resource. Every community would benefit from the unique gift of love, understanding and support you provide for those in need. We are truly blessed to have you here in Fallbrook. I am much stronger now, in part to your help and I am forever grateful.

Respectfully Yours,

Barbara S.

Phyllis Sweeney was and has been a great help to me after the death of my husband of 40 years. She reached out to me and everyone in the support group. She always had an open ear or a shoulder to cry on. She is a very optimistic person and full of life. I am so thankful for Phyllis and the Encouragement Factor.

Gigi W.

Phyllis Sweeny was instrumental in helping me when I really needed guidance in my life. Going through a bad time, she was there to help and reach out with words of Encouragement. She cares and listens to all who have problems, made suggestions, and handed out information that was very helpful. The support group PEDLO she held showed me that I was not alone, that I could share my prolems with others and reach them. Phyllis is always upbeat even if she is expriencing something of her own. I will always appreciate her help and kindness I received at PEDLO.

Ron B.

I have been a regular at the Encouragement Factor for several months, more exactly with Phyllis Sweeney and the Alzheimers Support Group. Because of their help I have found ways to improve my own outlook on life which has had a wonderful emotional side effect on the two family members I take care of. My Father and his wife Nancy are not going to get better. Learning to deal with this and the other family members who do not live here or visit has been difficult but enlightening. I hope to build bridges to them in time with the help and support of Phyllis. She may be the strongest person I have every met and brings strength out in me that I know is there it just got caught in the frustration of gloom. Now that I see that, I feel that, I know it. Life is better and good. Thanks Phyllis.

Micheal K.

Phyllis Sweeney has helped me when coming to PEDLO Support Group. I thought I knew how to cope with things until the death of my dear wife. Phyllis also gave me some one-on-one time when I needed some extra help. I recommended her to some former colleagues to do workshops and seminars for lawyers and trust administrators. She is kind, compassionate and very good at assisting and guiding people during difficult times. I appreciate her help.

Victor W.

Phyllis has been such a great help to me when my husband died. Also at other times when big decisiosn had to be made. I had moved back to where family is in New Jersey and there is nothing here like the PEDLO support gorup at Fallbrook. Not even at my church or at any churches on a regular basis. I miss the support and the people who come and recieve support and offer it to others as well. I miss it very much.

Rita F., New Jersey

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